Healing Your Skin with Amara Marie Beauty

If you follow me on instagram, you know how much I love Amara Marie products - an all natural (seriously - tallow and essential oil based) skincare company run by my incredible friend, Syanna Wand, and her adorable mom! You can read a little more about how the company was born here. When Sy first generously sent me some samples a few months ago, I was a little skeptical. I trusted her as my NTP and friend but my skin and I have had a VERY tough relationship. I had horrible acne on my cheeks, chest, and back in high school that I would spend literally hours caring for and covering up before school each morning. I dreaded dances or events where I may have to wear dresses that would expose my chest or back and tried every topical treatment I could get my hands on both over the counter and from my dermatologist. At that time, I was not understanding that acne really comes from the inside and my gut issues were far from healed... if you listen to my podcast, you will know that around this time I was eating cinnamon sugar pop tarts and an apple for lunch LOL. I was also terrified of making my oily skin more oily so I was not moisturizing which is a HUGE mistake that many people struggling with acne make. If you continuously dry out your skin using topical treatments, your body will produce even more oil to compensate which will exacerbate your issues.


So, you can see why I was nervous to try these tallow based skin care products that Sy sent me! I was finally getting to a decent place with my skin and had a natural product routine down. I wasn't having too many breakouts- thank goodness-  but I was, and still am, dealing with some scarring. Luckily, I had gotten deep into nutrition at this point and was completing my NTC program. I had been working on healing my gut issues, regulating my digestion, taking collagen daily, and using the oil cleansing method - all which were helping to heal my acne and scarring.

I did a little research as to how tallow, a solid, saturated beef fat, can help the skin, and asked Sy a ton of questions about the products before I began using them. You can read more about the ingredients in Amara Marie products and their purposes here! All I can say is HOLY COW (no pun intended) I am so glad that I started using them when I did! This is truly not a sponsored post. Yes, Sy and I are friends, but she has not asked me to write  this, nor will I receive any sort of compensation from sharing my story with you. I pride myself in being honest and open with everyone - my readers and followers included! Here is an outline of my night time routine:

  1. Remove make up with Andalou Make Up Remover

  2. Wash with Amara Marie's Goat's Milk Soap

  3. Spritz on Andalou Rosewater Toner

  4. Use Amara Marie's Vitamin C Serum

  5. Dab on 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream under my eyes

  6. Moisturize with Amara Marie's Facial Balm


While I did not take original before and after shots from when I first started using Amara Marie products, the photo on the left is from July 15th, 2017 and the photo on the right is from August 15th, 2017. Now, I am no photographer - these are selfies using my iPhone and I know the lighting is off a bit BUT... the results are clear. I have NO make up on in either picture and I feel so grateful for the freedom that these products have given me over the past few months. I no longer feel the need to use a foundation, concealer or even a tinted moisturizer every day and I generally just leave the house with my Beauty Balm and some mascara on!

Amara Marie products aren't just good for your face - I have used the beauty balm as a total body moisturizer, to prevent razor burn, sunburn and other burn treatment, to soothe bug bites, on blisters from new shoes, etc. Aside from the beauty balm, Matt loves the lip balm - and he's picky about what he uses! We also both love the warming tallow balm for sore muscles, aches and pains. As you can see, the possibilities for these products are pretty much endless!

Enough about me - now it is time for YOU! First of all, you can all use the code BROOKE20 to receive 20% off of your online order! Sy was also generous enough to allow me to do a giveaway with some of my favorite Amara Marie products! One of you will receive a package from me with:

  • Beauty Balm (my fave!)

  • Warming Tallow Balm (so perfect for muscle soreness!)

  • Lip Balm (to die for!)

  • Goat's Milk Soap (the best for face and body!)

How to enter:

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I hope you liked this post and I can't wait to share more of my favorites with you!