Probiotic Recommendations


After hearing that Prescript Assist, a probiotic that I have used and recommended for a long time, is changing their manufacturing and formula, I decided to put up a post with my current recommendations other than Prescript Assist! I found out this information from another blogger that I follow and decided to reach out to Enviromedica, Prescript Assist's distributor myself. This was the response that I received from them...

"Dear Brooke, 

Thank you for your inquiry, I am happy to be of assistance. 

We have recently announced our discontinuation of distribution of Prescript-Assist due to the manufacturer making a change to the ingredients and manufacture of the product. With these changes it no longer meets our standards nor is in line with the clinical studies done on the original formula. We are selling down our current inventory and it is rapidly depleting. 

We are in development of a new soil based probiotic that is slated to release in Q1 of 2018, make sure you are signed up for our newsletter to be the first to know about our upcoming product launches. 

Best, Erica"

Definitely get on their newsletter if you are interested in more information on their upcoming, soil based probiotic!

why are probiotics important?

First off- let's talk briefly about why it is important to take probiotics and consume probiotic rich foods.

  1. Probiotics are "good" bacteria that your body needs to maintain homeostasis (balance)

  2. Probiotics fight the "bad" bacteria to keep your immune system healthy and strong

  3. Probiotics promote a balanced and healthy gut flora which in turn leads to...

    • A robust immune system (60-70% off our immune system is in our gut!)

    • Healthy digestion and the ability to break down foods and nutrients properly

    • Protection against leaky gut which can lead to a plethora of other issues (read more here)

what are probiotic foods?

Probiotics can be found in well sourced, properly fermented foods such as...

  • Raw, fermented vegetables (kimchi, sauerkraut, and other veggies)

  • Raw, fermented tea (kombucha and jun - watch for added sugar!)

  • Raw, fermented vinegar drinks (by Suja or LIVE)

  • Grass-fed yogurt (Siggi's) or non-dairy yogurt (Coyo, Kitehill, or homemade!)

  • Grass-fed or nut milk based kefir (Forager, Lifeway, Kitehill, Siggi's, Maple Hill Creamery)

ALL of these foods will be found in the refrigerated section. If you see them on a shelf, they are not truly raw and fermented in a way that will provide you with the good bacteria that you're looking for! I recommend having a serving or two of probiotic rich foods each day if you can tolerate them! Some have bacterial overgrowths or other digestive issues that cause painful symptoms and bloating when probiotic foods are consumed. Know yourself and make the best decisions for you and your bod!

shelf stable vs refrigerated probiotics

I wanted to mention that I highly recommend rotating your probiotics meaning you take one bottle of X brand and then when you finish that up, take another bottle of Y brand. This helps to provide your body with different strains of good bacteria and promotes all of the good things that I listed above!

Shelf stable probiotics are great for those of us who forget to take supplements when they are in the refrigerator and not in front of our faces on the counter (guilty!). They are also great for those of us who travel frequently and need something that can be without refrigeration for long periods of time (also guilty!) Shelf stable probiotics generally come from soil based organisms which is why they do not need to be kept cold. I do not recommend keeping ANY supplements in a hot or very warm place but when you're on the go or need the bottle on your counter near your keys each morning in order to remember to take them, shelf stable is a great way to go!

Refrigerated probiotics use bacteria that comes from the same process that raw, fermented foods go through. These cultures or strains are cultivated through the fermentation process. Be careful and read your labels because sometimes these contain dairy or a dairy starter! Dairy based probiotics are not any better or worse - I just know that many do not tolerate dairy. As I said before, I recommend rotating your probiotics and if occasionally using a brand that needs to be refrigerated works for you, definitely go for it!

That's as deep as I am going into the science behind probiotics for this post - if you have more questions, feel free to comment, email, or DM me anytime :) Let me know if you try any of the following probiotics and how they work for you! xo

probiotics that I know & trust

Shelf Stable

Enzymedica Pro-Bio

Primal Blueprint Probiotic by Mark Sissan

Silver Fern Probiotic

Refrigeration Required

Natren (start with Healthy Start System and move on to Healthy Trinity)

Jarrow Saccharomyces Boulardii + MOS

Jarrow Fem-Dophilus