Meal Plan - Week of July 15, 2019

This week I decided to use my Wednesday trip to the Farmer’s Market (Green City Market in Lincoln Park) to determine my meal plan for next week. This was SO fun and really gave me lots of freedom to choose the best of what is in season in order to make delicious, healthy, veggie forward meals for the week of July 15th!

I’m also working on using some of our pantry and freezer stock to clear room for a massive kitchen reorganization project I’ll be taking on the next rainy day. Whittling everything down so I can reorganize is kind of a fun challenge, haha! I hope you enjoy this week’s (mostly) seasonal, summer meal plan! If you have any questions make sure to comment on this post so I can get back to you easily :)

Week of July 15

Breakfasts - Sausage, root veggie & greens hash with poached eggs (for Matt) Random things around the house- smoothies, oats, leftovers etc. (for Brooke)

Monday Night Dinner - Cauli-gnocchi (from Trader Joes) with Ground Turkey, Mushrooms, Zucchini and Gotham Greens Pesto *making a double batch so we have leftovers for the week!

Meals - Matt needs 7 lunches/dinners to go. Brooke needs 4 lunches/dinners to go.

  • LEFTOVERS! We are having my dad over for dinner on Saturday the 13th so I’m planning to repurpose some of that for our meals for the week!

  • Roasted Chicken Sausage & Carrots over Greens topped with Marinated Onions

  • Turkey & Goat Cheese Cabbage Roll Ups (with raw veg & fruit) *on repeat because these are SO good!

A few notes…

*We both have events this week that we’ll be eating at which is why the meal plan looks fairly light & simple compared to other weeks!

*Matt takes his breakfasts to go and eats at work but I cook breakfast at home most mornings since my work day starts a bit later. I am not someone that likes to eat the same thing every day for the whole week! I always make sure to have a few proteins, greens, extra fruit etc. around the house for myself so I can make whatever I want in the moment :)

*Monday, July 15th isn’t included as part of the rest of the new “meals to make” section because Mondays are the only weeknight that I am actually home for dinner to make a fresh meal for us. It’s basically our at home date night and I try to make something special each week if I have time! Tuesdays through Thursdays I eat my dinner in the car in between my private music students (shameless plug for my company, Lessons By Brooke & Company - check us out!) This is definitely not an ideal, “rest and digest” way to eat, but this is life for me right now and I’m okay with that.

If you’re loving these meal plans, please let me know in the comments! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!



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