Meal Plan - Week of July 29, 2019

I skipped putting up the week of 7/22 because it was a total throw together, hodgepodge week! Plus, I am in the middle of a ton of projects, students, clients, wedding planning, coordinating things for our HOA… and the list goes on haha! Needless to say, we are in total survival mode this week and I am looking forward to a more calm few weeks leading up to the wedding on 8/17!

I completed the kitchen reorganization project that I have been desperately wanting to finish since our wedding shower on 6/2! We now have freshly organized dishes, serving ware and appliances but the pantry and spice cabinets are a wreck! In an effort to use what we have and deplete some of my food hoarding, I’m cooking a little bit seasonal and a little bit for pantry clean out reasons next week! I hope you enjoy the 7/29 edition of our meal plan :)

Week of July 29

Breakfasts - Zucchini Pie from the No Crumbs Left Cookbook

Monday Night Dinner - Steak tacos with Siete hard shells (so excited to try them!) I’ll also make a batch of ground taco meat to use as leftovers on top of taco salads for the week! Serving it with this delicious slaw too!

Meals - Matt needs 8 lunches/dinners to go. Brooke needs 4 lunches/dinners to go.

  • Taco Salads using all of the things from Monday Night Dinner

  • Pork Fried Rice with Steamed Broccoli by Omnivores Cookbook

  • Lexi’s Clean Kitchen Pizza Sheet Pan Dinner

  • Turkey & Goat Cheese Cabbage Roll Ups (with raw veg & fruit) *STILL on repeat because these are addicting and I cannot stop eating raw red cabbage right now, haha!

A few notes…

*Matt takes his breakfasts to go and eats at work but I cook breakfast at home most mornings since my work day starts a bit later. I am not someone that likes to eat the same thing every day for the whole week! I always make sure to have a few proteins, greens, extra fruit etc. around the house for myself so I can make whatever I want in the moment :)

*Monday, July 29th isn’t included as part of the rest of the new “meals to make” section because Mondays are the only weeknight that I am actually home for dinner to make a fresh meal for us. It’s basically our at home date night and I try to make something special each week if I have time! Tuesdays through Thursdays I eat my dinner in the car in between my private music students (shameless plug for my company, Lessons By Brooke & Company - check us out!) This is definitely not an ideal, “rest and digest” way to eat, but this is life for me right now and I’m okay with that.

Writing out these meal plans to share has been so fun for me - I’d love to make them useful for others in any way possible! Let me know if you have any fun meal prep idea requests and I’ll do my best to make it happen!! :)



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