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Meal Plan - Week of August 5, 2019

We. Are. Getting. So. Close. To. The. WEDDING! 19 days to go as of today (7/29). I cannot believe it. We’ve been engaged since 10/7/17 and when we booked our 8/17/19 wedding it felt like it was EONS away. Time goes much faster when you’re older. And doing things like buying houses. And planning weddings. And starting two businesses. Especially during the “wedding season” years of life when there are sometimes 7+ weddings and more than half are out of state… insert upside down face emoji here!

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Meal Plan - Week of July 29, 2019

I skipped putting up the week of 7/22 because it was a total throw together, hodgepodge week! Plus, I am in the middle of a ton of projects, students, clients, wedding planning, coordinating things for our HOA… and the list goes on haha! Needless to say, we are in total survival mode this week and I am looking forward to a more calm few weeks leading up to the wedding on 8/17!

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