Meal Plan - Week of August 5, 2019

We. Are. Getting. So. Close. To. The. WEDDING! 19 days to go as of today (7/29). I cannot believe it. We’ve been engaged since 10/7/17 and when we booked our 8/17/19 wedding it felt like it was EONS away. Time goes much faster when you’re older. And doing things like buying houses. And planning weddings. And starting two businesses. Especially during the “wedding season” years of life when there are sometimes 7+ weddings and more than half are out of state… insert upside down face emoji here! Keeping things light and delicious for next week! I have been LOVING going through all of the cookbooks we received as wedding shower gifts - it is truly one of my favorite pastimes! Right now, my cookbooks are living in a big old Thrive Market box in the living room (since we moved last July - nbd). Luckily, our furniture is FINALLY being delivered while we’re on our honeymoon so I can immediately come back from Italy and color coordinate/organized my beautiful cookbook collection!!! Anyway, enjoy this coming week’s meal plan!!

Week of August 5

Breakfasts - Matt’s Favorite Eggbake - sausage, potatoes, peppers, onions & greens (see my Kitchen Sink Eggbake post for a template!)

Monday Night Dinner - Caprese Zucchini Salad (adding crispy prosciutto) from Inspiralized

Meals - Matt needs 8 lunches/dinners to go. Brooke needs 5 lunches/dinners to go.

A few notes…

*This is going to make more than just what we’ll eat for the week but I’m trying to get a few meals in the freezer for the few days between our wedding weekend and when we leave for the honeymoon. Going to continue to stock up a few things in there while I can so we have food for when we get back too :)

*Matt takes his breakfasts to go and eats at work but I cook breakfast at home most mornings since my work day starts a bit later. I am not someone that likes to eat the same thing every day for the whole week! I always make sure to have a few proteins, greens, extra fruit etc. around the house for myself so I can make whatever I want in the moment :)

*Monday, August 5th isn’t included as part of the rest of the new “meals to make” section because Mondays are the only weeknight that I am actually home for dinner to make a fresh meal for us. It’s basically our at home date night and I try to make something special each week if I have time! Tuesdays through Thursdays I eat my dinner in the car in between my private music students (shameless plug for my company, Lessons By Brooke & Company - check us out!) This is definitely not an ideal, “rest and digest” way to eat, but this is life for me right now and I’m okay with that.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this week’s very Inspiralized plan!! <3



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